December 20, 2015

Double Roller Blinds


The innovative double Roller Blind system is the combination of two different types of blinds on a single bracket and on the same window with flexible switching system. Usually one blind is a sunscreen transparent roller blind, providing day time privacy and protection from harmful UV rays but at the same time it let you enjoy the scenic beauty of day time. Another one is blockout roller blind providing night time privacy and insulation.

Undoubtedly double Roller blinds will enhance the beauty of your room and house. Our wide range with economical prices will let you beautify your home with curtains & blinds.

———– Standard Features ———–

  1. All roller blinds are made on aluminium tube
  2. All roller blinds manufactured without side hems
  3. Oval Aluminium Base Rail (Sliver, white, black, birch)
  4. Brackets and Control system Chain ( white, birch,black)
  5. Metal Control Chain (No extra charge)
  6. Fabric Rolling Direction
    • Back rolled (standard)
    • Front rolling available upon request (no additional charge)

———– Optional Features ———–

  1. Spring assist to help in lifting blinds recommend over 4 SQM ( $30per blind)
  2. Split blinds linking system ($45 for each linking system)
  3. Motorisation (cbus and remote controlled more details under motorisation)
  4. Aluminium Valance cover (suitable for single roller blinds – $45 liner/metre) Available Colors : Sliver, White, Black, Birch
  5. Fancy bottom finish available on Double Roller Blinds (OPTIONS → Scallop, Georgians, Square cuts)
Blockout Budget Range
Blockout Budget Range

For pricing of Double roller blinds, please refer price list for your choice of Blockout and price list of Sunscreen Roller in your desired double roller combination

Please choose desired colors for Blockout and Sunscreen Roller for the double roller combination.