January 19, 2016

Straight Drop


Spring loaded outdoor roller blinds are a great option for any outside entertainment area, be it the veranda, pergola or Alfresco dining spot. Verandahs and patios are a great place for the family to enjoy the benefits of sunlight without having to fully face the harsh elements that come along with it. On scorching hot days the sun may just be too much to bring enjoyment to the family.
If you don’t want to experience ambience-related problems brought about by the excessive sunlight, it’s a great idea to consider buying patio blinds for your home.
It can be manufactured from 400mm up to 4800 wide with maximum drop of 3600 mm.

Operation Method

Crank Operated, 240 volt Wall or Remote


Solarview, HVG , Outlook, Canvas or Acrylic Fabric

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