January 19, 2016

Awning Fabrics

Mesh Fabrics
Mesh fabrics are see through fabrics and are very popular with shade percentages up to 98%. We sell shade view fabrics like Solarview, Vistaweave, Outlook. With shade view fabrics you can enjoy the VIEW and the SHADE at the same time. Fabrics come with a minimum 5 year and upto a maximum 10 years by manufacturers’ warranties. The NEW Outlook Privacy Meshis manufactured with 1% weave openness.


Acrylic Fabrics
Acrylic fabrics have the same colour on the inside and out with a wide range of vibrant modern colours. Acrylic fabric are translucent however not transparent, this is a great way to get privacy and shade at the same time. Acrylic awning fabrics are long lasting and require minimum maintenance as they are 100% synthetic. They also weigh less per m² than (Canvas) so they are recommended for larger awnings.


Canvas Fabrics
Canvas fabrics are available in a wide range of Patterned and Plain colours and in the Hunter Douglas Range come in a range of colours to match the current Colorbond range. Canvas is High Opacity and abrasion resistant and is manufactured with Fire, Mildew and Satin resistance to the thread before the weaving process is undertaken.