December 27, 2015


Zip screen

Zipscreen are yet another external solution to the outdoor blinds with an extensive innovation. They are called zipscreen blinds not because the fabric locks into a side channel making them more tolerant to wind and enabling minimal light gap at the vertical edge of the fabric. We offer both manual and mechanised zipscreen outdoor blinds to make your exterior more impressive yet robust.

Zipscreen alfresco blinds offer protection from the sun (including UV rays), rain and wind. The zLOCK technology provides a complete seal along the edges, allowing you to shut out insects and debris.

With a motorised or manually controlled crank gear or spring, you can enjoy nature in complete comfort with these sleek, stylish sunshade blinds.

OPERATION METHODSpring loaded, Crank Operated, 240 volt Wall or Remote


Solarview, HVG , Outlook, Canvas or Acrylic Fabric

Key features include:

  • Optional Fully-enclosed, stylish square box cassette
  • Seamlessly integrates into existing outdoor decor
  • Protection from sun, insects and rain
  • Range of control options
  • Hardware can be powder-coated to suit your decor

Zip screen

Zip screen
Zip screen
Zip screen
Zip screen