January 12, 2017




Motorisation can be easily applied to any of internal blind products. Motorisation is now a more affordable and accessible option for domestic homes.

We can offer 3 different types of motorisation options for Roller blinds- Acmeda, Motolux & Somfy.

All of quality Wired motorised blinds come with:

  1. 5 year warranty on motors
  2. Automate Motors supplied on our Heavy Duty or Super Heavy Duty Tubes
  3. Built-in radio receiver so the motor can be easily operated by the remote controller
  4. Remote control with frequency range up to 200 mts
  5. Simple Electronic limit setting (easy to follow instructions will come with each order.)
  6. 6nm torque and 28 rpm
  7. Ability to link 3 blinds with a special linking brackets




Wired Motor : This will require connection to 240 volt power by a licensed electrician. It is a more powerful motor suitable for larger Blinds and when you want to link 2 or more blinds together.

Wirefree motor : These are Battery controlled and require NO electrical work. They will operate Blinds up to about 2mts x 2mts. It has a built in Radio receiver and operates from a Remote Control that is supplied. You will still be required to program the motor and set the up and down limits via the remote control

The NON RTS motors don’t have built in radio receivers and don’t come with remote controls. They are designed to be hardwired and operated via a 3 position wall switch or connected to a Home Automation System like C-Bus etc. We can provide further information on these motors but are not specialists in Home Automation Systems. We believe that these motors can be successfully connected to all HAS systems but you should always check specific details with the supplier or installer of your specific HAS.

Remote control (RTS)

This motor operates with a remote control – similar to your TV. This is a simple home automation solution, which is convenient for both existing or new homes and buildings.

The RTS motors have a built in radio receiver that receives instructions from a battery operated remote control. You will be required to program the blind to the remote control once installed and connected to power. The top and bottom limits are also set via the remote control.

Somfy RTS system has an in-built receiver – which means that it is concealed in the motor.

Motolux both have an external receiver. This is a small wire that protrudes from the tube to pick up the signal from the remote control.

Wirefree or Battery operated Motor

Acmeda wirefree : The Automate battery motor comes with a built in battery and a re-charging unit.Available in 35mm motor only. 2 remote channels: 1 and 15 channel.

Somfy wirefree: The Somfy battery motor comes with a separate battery wand filled with lithium batteries. This wand requires about 400mm x 30mms of space behind the blind. You will need to replace the batteries when they are flat but you can replace with your own re-chargeable ones if you wish.